Saturday, February 19, 2005

Reflections on The Holocaust

Subject: "Auschwitz" (Doc shown on NPR last night...)

Chilling, horrifying; I went to bed terribly sobered.

So painful to recall man's inhumanty to man. I never knew it was so
systematic, so caculated and orchestrated a genocide. Utterly demonic.

And what it forced the starving Jews in the ghettot to do to each other
(!) --, and the relationship of the not-yet-rounded-up & incarcerated City
jews to them. Incredible.

I was invited --as a college prexy--in the eary Seventies to go to
Washington and assist the federal Dept. of Education screen grant
proposals. The 200 educators were divided up into two-member teams who
spent half the day together in the winnowing process, and I was teamed for
almost a week with a history-political science professor from a Penna.
state college, who turned out to be the official spokesperson, and
Director for the the world educational program "We Must-Never-Let-Them (the
children)-Forget..." In our breaks we had some cordial but vigorous
discussions, in which I endeavored to de-code the Jewish propaganda
movement with "We Must Never Let Them Forgive..." I see now that I largely
misread her, thinking that she was a red-hot radical who needed to find
better balance. I think it's probably the first time I encountered
righteous indignation so personal and at close range, and couldn't absorb
it, so had to belittle it somehow.

I realize this morning how horriffic this chapter in human history is, and
what a personal struggle she was going through. I have to consider this
viewing a pivotal point in the education of George Akers--a little late,
but oh so imperative... Yes, only the grace of God can find forgiveness
to the Nazis --and I relize anew what an"after-conversion conversion" Corey
Ten Boon went through.

And speaking of much of what passes for education today is
SOULESS, merely a collection of factoids of trivia and sweeping
generalizations that do not impart sensitivity & compassion. 'Hardly tells
the story or really makes the point. I mean somehow evokoing a vicarious
participation in the pathos of the human experience--its trials & triumphs;
the agony and the ecstasy.

The study of history must impart the LESSONS of history, and the arts and
social sciences must feed our souls. I see a new moving role for the
media. Last night impressed me that we are toying with a tremendously
powerful teaching tool. I hope we don't squander it on the mere
titillations of the flesh. Holly wood has all but totally prostituted this
gift from God. How great its accountabiliity!



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At 1:57 PM, Blogger Turtle House Amy said...

wow - we have the same blog name, "turtle talk"
How'd this happen? I would think that 1 of us (whoever developed the name 2nd) would be told "that name has already been taken; please try again."
I don't mind changing my blog name if I can figure out how to do such a thing - do you have any suggestions?
BTW - sorry I am having to message you through your blog, but I didn't see an email or IM contact on your profile.
I have already sent out the address of my blog (which aparently is going to yours) to a grand amount of people. Hope this doesn't cause any confusion for you.
Please email or IM or message me through the blog on how I can change my title or. . . something.
I hope to hear from you

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Turtle House Amy said...

“And speaking of much of what passes for education today is
SOULESS, merely a collection of factoids of trivia and sweeping
generalizations that do not impart sensitivity & compassion”
”The study of history must impart the LESSONS of history, and the arts and
social sciences must feed our souls. I see a new moving role for the
media. Last night impressed me that we are toying with a tremendously
powerful teaching tool. I hope we don't squander it on the mere
titillations of the flesh”
I agree with you in these points – All we learn through schooling are dates and events, unfortunately without a grasp on feeling how horrible or heroic the topics are.
Perhaps if we all understood completely as opposed to just knowing facts then history would not repeat itself.
Many would like to think there hasn’t been such a grandiose genocide since the Holocaust, but unfortunately the African Tribes still fight; In the Mid. East war rages on – we just don’t have this in our “History Books.” Is it because we have turned a blind eye, no longer caring? Or do we not care because we are force fed with media fluff, telling us to “go back to sleep” everything’s “gonna be all right?”
| By the way – How do we change the “system of education” here in America?
Any ideas on that? Because “Political Correctness” is the standard, could we (we being any of us who feel that simple facts are no longer “good enough” tools to get the points across) actually concern others with emotions without a class action lawsuit from “offending” any individual/group/party?
The point is: I am of the opinion that this PC Party is to blame for the facts and letters of what happened/will happen regarding education. As long as we all ONLY know dates and times (and nobody cares other than passing a test) then no feelings are hurt or elevated and all will get along. I write that in jest as the lessons we learn and freedom of speech are stifled behind another’s unwillingness to think about what did/is/could occur.

And – just to let you know, I fixed the address so our blogs won’t become confused. We can both have a “Turtle Talk”

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